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Protect Your Sweetheart’s Heart!

Celebrate the ones you love this year with heart-healthy fun! Whether you celebrate on the 14th or in the days before, with a partner or with your family, keep American Heart Month in mind when making your Valentine’s plans.

  • Find something active to do together. If the weather is good, take a hike or a long walk. If rain or snow keeps you indoors (as it often does here in Ohio in February), branch out and try something new, such as rock-wall climbing, ax-throwing, or yoga.
  • Skip the reservations, lines, and crowded restaurants, and consider cooking at home. Cooking together can be a great date activity. I’m a big fan of meal kits that walk you through each step of creating a new recipe. Still want to go out to dinner? Try cooking a healthy Valentine’s breakfast or brunch instead. For recipes with heart, visit com.
  • Sweet treats are still ok! You don’t have to skip chocolate this Valentine’s day. Just remember to enjoy it and pay attention when you are eating. Sitting down to savor a good piece of chocolate is much different than grabbing a handful of candy on your way out the door.
  • Chillax and relax! Schedule downtime (yes, sometimes you have to schedule it!). Take time to sleep in or catch an afternoon nap. Keep things as simple as you can to reduce stress.