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Manual therapy

Manual therapy includes several hands-on techniques performed by therapists. The goals of manual therapy can be to decrease pain; decrease swelling; increase circulation; increase flexibility of a muscle, scar, or other tissue; and decrease muscle tension. Examples of manual therapy include myofascial release, muscle energy, strain/counterstrain, massage, stretching, range of motion, active release techniques, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and cupping.

IASTM is a manual based treatment utilizing metal tools which can help alleviate a variety symptoms such as limited motion, pain, and muscle recruitment issues. The process introduces micro trauma and produces an inflammatory response, resulting in increased blood flow which can help facilitate remodeling of the affected tissues. Our therapists have completed a continuing education course and certification process to be proficient in this treatment technique.

Cupping is a manual based treatment utilizing plastic or silicone cups in order to improve mobility and decrease pain. Cupping creates a tissue distraction with a negative pressure to improve the glide between underlying tissues to normalize fluids and increase oxygenation. There are different forms of cupping including static and dynamic and can be completed with multiple cups simultaneously or combined with IASTM tools.