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Concussion clinic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics suggest that over 200 sports-related concussions occur in Logan County every year. Of these sports-related concussions, more than half go undiagnosed. This may be due to the fact that most sports related concussions occur without loss of consciousness. Appropriate diagnosis, management, and education are critical to helping young athletes with a concussion recover quickly and completely. The long-term effects of repeated sports-related concussions have recently received significant attention in the media due to emerging neuroscience in this area, as well as recent reporting on the plight of college and professional athletes who have experienced multiple concussions.

The goal of the Logan County Concussion Clinic, located at the Mary Rutan Health Center, is to work closely with local physicians in assisting young patients diagnosed with a concussion, to return safely back to school and sports. Appropriate concussion management is critical to avoiding re-injury or prolonged recovery. Our assessment and treatment protocol utilizes the latest research regarding treatment and recovery of individuals with a concussion who participate in competitive sports. We are also able to provide care for patients with non-sport-related concussions.

Check out these concussion information sheets from the CDC for Parents and Athletes.