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STAR Program

STAR Athlete

The Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy and Sports Medicine STAR Athlete program has been designed as a sport specific performance enhancement program. The training program focuses on improving power, speed, agility, strength and skill in all athletes. The goal is to improve the athleticism of the individual athlete. This is accomplished by using a variety of age and skill appropriate training techniques. These techniques may include the use of resistive speed training, plyometric activities, agility skill training, core strength and stability activities, strength training, Olympic and power lifting, medicine ball training, flexibility exercises, and Vertimax jump training.

The STAR Athlete program encompasses goals of the competitive and recreational athlete alike. Along with improving sports performance, the program is excellent for decreasing the risk of injury and preparing athletes to return to their sport after physical therapy goals have been met. ​

The fee for 18 training sessions is $450.00. The scheduled sessions are semi private and boast no more than 2 athletes per 1 instructor. Private and group sessions are available upon request.

  • Summer session hours: 8:00 am-6:00 pm by appointment.
  • Fall, winter, and spring session hours: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm by appointment.

Please contact Ed Wisner, MS, AT, CSCS  at 937.441.8434 for more details or to register, or fill out an online interest form.

STAR Tactical

Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy and Sports Medicine developed this program for the health and well-being of the safety service personnel of our community. This program is formatted after the High Intensity Interval Training model, or more commonly known as HIIT. We have developed a training regimen that targets seven fundamental movements that are essential for the tactical athlete. The goal is to train twice per week for 30-40 minutes of high intensity interval training in order to improve cardiovascular fitness, functional movement, strength, and body composition. Individuals that have participated in the training have seen improved V02 max, strength, decreased body fat, increased joint function, improved low back function, and increased exercise tolerance.

This program is available to all branches of the safety services. The cost of the program is $360 for 12 sessions. Training sessions are scheduled with an athletic trainer with specialty focus on tactical training and will be limited to a maximum of four persons per session.

Please contact Ed Wisner, MS, AT, CSCS at 937.441.8434 for more details or to register.

STAR Weight Management

Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy and Sports Medicine STAR Weight Management fitness program has been designed to complement the Mary Rutan Hospital weight management program. It is a circuit training regimen to assist in increasing muscle, improving caloric expenditure, improving body composition, and improving cardiovascular health.

STAR circuit training regimen is a safe and controlled tool for incorporating the benefits of strength training and the benefits of an elevated heart rate. As participants become acclimated to the initial work load, increases in demand can be made by repeating the circuit, progressively adding exercises, or increasing the intensity/duration of a given exercise(s).

The cost of the directed/supervised program is $180 for 12 sessions.

Please contact Ellie Barnard, ATC at 937.408.7050 for more details or to register.

STAR Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Program

Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy and Sports Medicine Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Program (LEIPP) is an all-inclusive training program designed to coincide with female athletes' current strength and conditioning program.

It is important to use proper technique during jumping, cutting, pivoting, and decelerating movements. Learning and implementing proper technique will decrease the risk for a lower extremity injury. Females are four to six more times at greater risk for ACL injuries than males.

As a participant in the lower extremity prevention injury program each athlete will be tested using Dartfish motion analysis and the landing error scoring system (LESS) at initiation and completion of the program. Dartfish technology will be used to video record and measure jump landing, cutting, and pivoting technique of each athlete. Additionally, a vertical force plate will also be used to record vertical jump and explosive leg power.

The program consists of 12 individualized sessions completed within 6 weeks. The program is created by our licensed and certified athletic trainers and certified strength and conditioning specialist and is designed based on the latest research and evidence based training techniques. The program’s goal is to teach female student athletes mechanical strategies to reduce the risk of injury by:

  • Avoiding vulnerable position.
  • Increasing flexibility.
  • Increasing strength.
  • Increasing proprioception.

If your student athlete is interested in signing up for the Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Program please contact Ed Wisner MS, AT, CSCS at 937.441.8434 or Tiffany Roe MS, ATC, FMS at 937.844.0363.


Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy and Sports Medicine STAR Team Outreach Program has been designed for our local student athletes participating on a team whose coaches chose to utilize team training during the summer season. The school’s athletic trainer will work closely with coaches and their desired physical outcomes for their student athletes while implementing sport specific strength and conditioning programs designed to enhance speed, agility, and overall sport performance in a team atmosphere.

These programs will offer pre- and post-sport performance testing including: speed, agility, power, and strength. And will be designed based on the needs of each team determined by pre-testing as well as the desired outcomes for each team and coach.

These programs will run in the summer season 2-3 times a week for approximately 1 hour sessions. These programs will be run by the school’s certified athletic trainer at their contracted school.

Cost is determined based on the needs of each school/team. Package deals are available.

If your team is interested in signing up for STAR Team Outreach and working with their certified athletic trainer please contact Ed Wisner MS, AT, CSCS  at 937.441.8434 or Tiffany Roe MS, ATC, FMS at 937.844.0363.