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Surgical Services

General surgery

Mary Rutan Hospital offers three full-time Board-certified general surgeons providing surgical care to our community for not only elective but also emergency surgical needs that are often not available in rural communities. Our general surgeons consult with patients at two clinic locations in Urbana, Ohio and Bellefontaine, Ohio. All surgeries are performed at Mary Rutan Hospital.

In early 2022, Dr. Vineeta Gahlawat joined our talented general surgeon, Dr. Anthony Beisler, who joined MRH in 2009, to complete the highly skilled general surgery team at Mary Rutan Hospital.

Our general surgeons are specialists trained to manage the spectrum of surgical conditions. Our Board-certified surgical team provides comprehensive, state of the art preoperative, intra-operative, and postoperative care. Additionally, our surgeons utilize the latest cutting-edge High Definition 4K technology in performing minimally invasive surgeries that significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the hospital and promote quicker recovery.

The surgical department at Mary Rutan Hospital comprises ten private pre-/post-operative patient suites and five operating rooms, ensuring an efficient and safe operative experience with individualized attention.

To learn more about staying local for your general surgery needs or a consultation with any of our surgeons, call Mary Rutan General Surgery at 937-599-0045.

General surgeons

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