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Disease Management

Learning how to manage and live with a chronic disease can be difficult. Just as difficult: making the lifestyle changes necessary for improving your health and reducing your risk for complications. That's why Mary Rutan Health created Disease Management. Our interdisciplinary health care team will offer you professional guidance and personal encouragement to help you meet your specific goals. We help people like you address a range of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and COPD. Read on to learn about the Disease Management services we offer.

Diabetes management

Diabetes management at Mary Rutan Hospital offers comprehensive diabetes care, no matter whether you've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Type I or Type II diabetes, or gestational diabetes. Our team of specialists will help you work toward and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They include certified diabetes educators, registered nurses and registered dieticians. They'll partner with your primary care physician to improve your diabetes management, outcomes and quality of life.

COPD management

The COPD program helps you manage the symptoms of chronic lung disease. Our team works in partnership with you to optimize your quality of life. Our focused short-term outpatient program includes treatment plans, patient and caregiver education, medication management, exercise, smoking cessation and nutrition. And we allow you to develop a treatment plan in partnership with your pulmonologist. Our goal is to help you increase your function and quality of life by reducing your symptoms and preventing hospital admissions. We'll help you learn to be in control and feel good about yourself and your future.

Coumadin clinic

Anticoagulant medications, such as the commonly prescribed blood thinner coumadin (warfarin), play an important role in treating and managing many health conditions. Anticoagulant therapy is safe and effective when appropriately managed by health care professionals like ours. Careful monitoring is essential for optimizing doses and minimizing adverse effects. The Mary Rutan Coumadin Clinic offers you convenient monitoring. All that's needed is a small blood sample collected with an easy finger stick. Results are quick and enable customized dose adjustments. And you'll receive education on key factors that affect anticoagulant medication and the importance of returning for ongoing monitoring.


Our endocrinology services provide treatment and management for those 12 years and older who deal with various endocrine disorders. Endocrinology services are led by Ashlinn Naseman, CNP, fellowship trained in endocrinology. Ashlinn graduated from the Ohio State University with a Master of Science in the Nurse Practitioner program. She completed an Endocrinology Fellowship at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, where she received training on various insulin pumps, medication management and endocrine diagnostic procedures. Ashlinn provides care with an emphasis on diabetes and thyroid disorders.

Lipid management

Multiple risk factors contribute to heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. Lipid disorders are one such risk factor, which you can manage through medication, diet and activity. Lipid Management at Mary Rutan Hospital helps you control cholesterol levels to improve your health and lower your risk of cardiac events associated with heart disease. We serve patients with lipid disorders in Logan and surrounding counties. We monitor cholesterol levels using a small amount of blood obtained by a simple finger stick. Our clinic optimizes drug therapy, manages side effects and counsels you on how to control lipids through diet and exercise.

Weight management

Obesity is a major health risk. It can have serious and costly consequences. The CDC reports that more than three in five Americans are overweight. A third of them are considered obese. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. Like other chronic diseases, obesity requires responsible, comprehensive, ongoing care and treatment. The Mary Rutan Weight Management program offers you a new option for weight loss and treatment for long-term success. Our goal: to help our patients achieve permanent weight loss through lifelong changes in diet, behavior and physical activity. Our program offers customized meal plans tailored to your weight loss goals, as well as education, ongoing medical oversight and the support you need for success.

Nutrition therapy

The nutrition therapy specialists of Mary Rutan Health help you improve nutrition habits and optimize your health. Our nutrition team is comprised of registered dieticians who are exceptionally qualified to develop customized medical nutrition therapy programs as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for a specific illness, injury or condition. Nutrition therapy can be used as a component of treatment for a specific condition or to prevent or delay possible complications of an existing condition such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, renal failure or gastrointestinal disorder. Our nutrition professionals will work with you to assess current medical issues, develop a nutrition plan, incorporate the plan into a daily routine, and reevaluate and support you throughout care. A physician referral is required to participate in nutrition therapy services.