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Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation program at Mary Rutan Hospital gives heart and lung patients the chance to improve overall health in a safe and caring setting. If you have had a recent heart condition, or if you have a chronic lung condition, our staff will help you recover faster, get stronger and return to a full, productive life. We will help you lower your risk for future health problems through comprehensive exercise training and education.

Our experienced staff will motivate you to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Our comprehensive program components include:

  • Prescribe exercise that is safe and closely monitored to improve cardiovascular health and fitness.
  • Educate about heart and lung disease along with counseling on ways to improve risk factors.
  • Reduction or cessation of smoking.
  • Lipid management.
  • Control of high blood pressure.
  • Weight loss and control.
  • Diabetes management.
  • Improvements in physical activity.
  • Nutrition counseling for healthy eating habits.
  • Improvement in psychological well-being.

Enrolling in the program

To get started, we will need a referral from your doctor. Please have your doctor call us at 937.599.7020 or 937.599.7040.

Most health insurance plans cover phase 2 cardiac rehabilitation or phase 2 pulmonary rehabilitation. We will help you determine coverage, but it is important to contact your specific health plan to confirm coverage.