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Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy & Sports Medicine (Outpatient)

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For patients recovering from a broken bone, industrial injury, sports injury, nerve damage, muscle strain or joint replacement, Mary Rutan Hospital Physical Rehabilitation Center provides state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch therapists. Our hands-on treatment approach, with a favorable therapist-to-patient ratio, helps our patients achieve their maximum function.

Our comprehensive physical therapy services include the following programs:

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation: Specializing in the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, neck and back.
  • Worker reconditioning and functional capability evaluations: Treatment of acute industrial injuries, reconditioning services for return-to-work and functional capacity evaluations.
  • Sports medicine: Providing consultation and athletic performance enhancement to high school programs as well as treating a wide variety of athletic injuries.
  • Aquatic rehabilitation: Our aquatic physical therapy program offers unique rehabilitation benefits in our own state-of-the-art therapy pool.
  • Pain management: Individualized programs are customized for each patient using a wide variety of treatment modalities, manual techniques and therapeutic exercise.
  • Pediatric program: Pediatric physical therapy involves examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention for children from birth through adolescence who are experiencing functional limitations or disability due to trauma, a disorder or disease. The treatment consists of developing and integrating gross motor skills, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, gait training and family education.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation: For patients suffering from balance and dizziness disorders.

Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy & Sports Medicine (Inpatient)

Patients admitted to Mary Rutan are often referred for physical therapy services by their physician for injuries, strokes, illnesses, post surgical care and disorders requiring skilled evaluation and discharge recommendations. Patients are seen in the Emergency Department, same day surgery, intensive care as well as on the medical and surgical floors of the hospital. Close cooperative effort with occupational and speech therapy as well as the staff from Care Coordination provides the best discharge plan for each and every patient in need of rehabilitation services. 

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