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Our occupational therapists provide progressive treatment with the goal of improving a patient's ability to lead an independent, productive and satisfying life. We are the area's leading provider of hand and upper-extremity rehabilitation services.

Our comprehensive occupational therapy services include the following programs:

  • Upper-extremity and hand rehabilitation: Our expert therapists are the area's finest and most experienced upper-extremity specialists. Typical diagnoses served include traumas, soft tissue injuries, athletic injuries, fractures and dislocations, joint injuries/deformities, tendon injuries, nerve compressions and severances (partial and complete), and muscle paralysis and weakness.
  • Splints: Custom fit to assure maximum comfort and benefit.
  • Neurological assessments: Include visual perceptual testing, sensory testing, motor skills and strength assessment, coordination testing, and balance assessment.
  • Activities of daily living/home safety assessment: Include cognitive and motor assessments, as well as exploration of home and work adaptations and recommendation of medical equipment which may assist a client in independent, productive living.
  • Industrial rehabilitation: Our comprehensive services facilitate returning the injured client to gainful employment as well as injury prevention programs.
  • Job site assessments: Determine the required physical and mental demands of the job site, and then determine if a client's capabilities match those demands.
  • Ergonomic recommendation: Expert recommendations in arranging the work environment, adaptation of work tools and education of the client to reduce the risk of injury and increase the client's effectiveness at the job site.
  • Functional capacity evaluation: A variety of physical and mental examinations to determine the client's maximum safe functional ability.
  • Pediatric therapy: Our experienced therapists assess and treat children with a variety of diagnoses who demonstrate cognitive, perceptual, or fine motor deficits or difficulty completing age-appropriate self-care tasks.

At Mary Rutan Hospital Therapy & Sports Medicine, we have access to state-of-the-art therapeutic modalities and equipment, including a BTE Simulator II, lift station, fluidotherapy and iontophoresis.

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