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Patient Stories: John Recovers After Multiple Knee Surgeries

Therapy & Sports Medicine | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"I was such a mess when I first went to physical therapy at Mary Rutan Therapy & Sports Medicine. I had three knee surgeries in two months and needed two more manipulations to get me over the hump. I cannot say enough about the caring staff there! From the ladies out front that do check-in and appointments, to all my therapists. Everyone was always so nice and pleasant! Special kudos have to go to Carrie and Grace who were my main PT’s! They were always pushing me when I needed it, encouraging me along the way, and always making me smile or laugh. I feel so blessed to have worked with the best! I will never forget what you have taught me or done for me! I basically had to learn to walk all over again. They gave me the tools and patience to achieve my goals!"