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Message from President & CEO

Community news | Tuesday, March 24, 2020

We find ourselves in unprecedented times in our country, with the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.

As your community health system, I want you to be aware of everything we are doing to prepare and to deal with this threat to the health of our community.

Our efforts of preparation are many and include:

  • An assembled task force of leaders, physicians, infection prevention specialists and many more who are working with all of our locations of care.
  • We’re redeploying and securing enough staff to be ready for the surge of patients who are expected from this disease.
  • We’ve put in place the ability to test locally for COVID-19, when indicated, and provide timely results for decision making by our providers.
  • And finally, we’re ensuring the availability of the necessary equipment and in some cases, putting in place telehealth options to continue to care for our patients remotely.

Through all of this, we are seeing an amazing example of dedication and resiliency from our staff. We know the most difficult time is yet to come, as the number of cases in Ohio continues to grow. However, as a community, I am confident we will get through this as we handle these challenges, together.

For our dedicated staff, I’d like to express a special message on behalf of our Board of Directors and Administration, please know we are here to support you and assist you as you continue to serve our patients’ needs in fighting this disease.

If you seek further information and the latest updates, I encourage you to visit

I want to thank our community and our hospital team, as everyone continues to work together during this challenging time for our nation.


Mandy Goble

President & CEO