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COVID-19: Mary Rutan Hospital and Logan County Health District Implement Community Resource Call Center

Hospital news | Wednesday, March 18, 2020

To alleviate increasing pressures on local primary care offices, Mary Rutan Hospital Urgent Care and Emergency Department, the Logan County Health District (LCHD), in partnership with Mary Rutan Hospital is advancing local preparations for COVID-19. Beginning Thursday, March 19, a LCHD Community Resource Call Center will begin operations to assist local physician offices in their triage process.

The Community Resource Call Center (CRC) is intended for will assist through the following efforts:

  • Once a patient has received phone triage by their primary care provider, and it’s been determined that additional evaluation is necessary, the patient will be referred by their primary care provider to the CRC and will receive a second triage by the CRC nurse.
  • If testing is determined to be necessary, patient information will be forwarded to Mary Rutan Hospital by the CRC and an appointment will be set to perform drive-thru testing at a designated location.
  • If further testing is not determined to be necessary, appropriate patient instruction and education will be provided by the CRC.

Testing will be prioritized based on the number of tests available. Patients who meet CDC-established criteria, which include a fever of 100.5 or higher (without the use of fever reducers for 4 hours, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen) and cough, will receive priority testing.

The Logan County Health District, Mary Rutan Hospital and local providers are in constant communication about the situation as it evolves and will continue to work together in the best interest of our patients and our community.