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6 fun ways to keep fit this fall

A man holds a stick as a playful dog jumps for it.

Oct. 21, 2022—As the seasons change, it can be easy to fall out of a fitness routine. Autumn can be especially busy, but you don't have to let the change of seasons get you off your game. Instead, let it fuel you!

Here are six fun ways to get your fitness goals back on track this fall from the American Council on Exercise and others:

Take some nature time. Find a nearby nature trail for a walk or trail run. You can take in the changing colors of the leaves or savor other beauties of the season while you get in your workout.

Go for a family bike ride. Autumn's cooler temps make bike rides that much more pleasant. Explore the area as a family while working up a sweat.

Up the nostalgia factor. Gather your friends together for a day of outdoor childhood games. Set up a horseshoe station. Play flag football. Or just run around like a kid again.

Change the scenery. Do circuit workouts whenever and wherever the mood strikes. You don't need a gym. Body-weight exercises are just as effective in front of a TV or at the park. Bonus points if you can make your workouts Halloween-themed. Think "pirate" planks or "gargoyle" squats.

Get your training game going. With the holidays approaching, fall is the perfect time to start training for a turkey trot or other holiday fun run.

Tackle a fall fix-up. Spring isn't the only time to give your home a good spruce. Put some extra oomph into yardwork or household chores this fall. They can build strength and stamina—and leave you feeling good about your home as you get ready to spend more time indoors.

It's a common fitness myth that not all exercise counts, but activities like these really do add up!

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