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Current Masking Guidelines

Current Masking Guidelines

  • Within our facilities, you may be asked to wear a face-covering over your mouth and nose and maintain proper social distancing.
  • You must immediately contact your provider before entry or notify the reception desk if you:
    • Are waiting for results from a COVID-19 test
    • Have been told that you are suspected of having or have been diagnosed with COVID-19
    • Experience new loss of taste and/or smell with no other explanation
    • Experience BOTH fever over 100.4 degrees AND new unexplained cough associated with shortness of breath

COVID-19 vaccination information

VACCINATION FORM (Please print, complete and bring to your scheduled appointment.)

Parking and entering Mary Rutan Hospital

The main entrance remains closed. All patients are required to enter through the Emergency Department; this entrance will be open 24/7. The cardiology entrance will be accessible for cardiology patients only, Monday – Friday between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.

The Irving Avenue parking lot (directly across from the Emergency Department entrance) is reserved for visitors and patients. It is the most convenient parking lot to access the Emergency Department entrance.

What are the best resources to stay up-to-date?

Stay informed about the COVID-19 situation from public health officials and other credible sources like the CDC website at, ODH website at, or the Logan County Health District at